Each teaching is represented by another sacred animal: the buffalo (respect), the eagle (love), the bear (courage), the sabé or bigfoot (honesty), the beaver (wisdom), the wolf (humility) and the turtle (truth). LISTEN| Erica Daniels on the Life of the Seven Sacred Laws: A young boy embarks on a quest for vision in a sacred place known as Manito Api, which translates to „where the Creator sits.“ The turtle carries the truth. Truth is a symbol of law and principles. Since the dawn of time, the turtle has not changed. The turtle was chosen to be the bearer of the truth, and the fundamental truth of the laws of nature has not changed. The turtle was able to adapt to the changes without changing; This is how he represents the truth. It also represents time. Its shell has thirteen large plaques that symbolize the thirteen moons in a year. The buffalo said, „I come to let you know that you must serve your people now.

That`s what respect is – giving yourself to the people who apply the laws we`re going to bring to you. The greatest gift you can give to your nation is yourself, being an example and example of the seven holy laws. As guardians of the knowledge of our nations, we carry the protocols of life close to the country. There are seven sacred laws that serve as the basis for the relationship we have with the earth. Seven animals act as bearers of these laws. It is the animals that bring the laws to humans. The animal nation has been given the responsibility of the Creator to give us these teachings and try to show us that we are part of nature. Finally, Grandma Turtle slowly walked towards the little boy. „Beautiful grandson,“ she said, „I bring you the law of truth. You ask, what is truth? The truth is to obey all the laws that were brought to you by the spirit of the animal grandfathers who came before me.

We are spiritual grandfathers and grandmothers who sit by the fire of the Central Council, who oversee all creation and provide spiritual help. Sometimes we come to you in dreams or visions. Sometimes we give you strong feelings and put words in your head to talk. If you are able to obey all the Seven Holy Laws, then you live and walk in the truth. The Seven Sacred Laws is a series of three- to four-minute vignettes that follow an indigenous boy embarking on a spiritual journey and meeting the seven sacred animals who teach lessons about each teaching. The boy arrived at the holy place of his ancestors. He chose a place near the pine trees. He put his tobacco victim in a circle and sat in the middle. Night came quickly. He looked at the brightness of the sky, the stars and the Milky Way.

It was so beautiful. He finally fell asleep. An apparition of a buffalo emerges from the sacred fire and teaches the boys the law of respect. „I am the spirit of the buffalo. I bring you the law of respect. I will go with you to teach you this law. Respect is giving and sharing, one of the greatest secrets of a good life. I will give you every part of my physical being to provide you with food, clothing, and every part of me that you can use in your life. Use my hiding place for the sacred drum you will hold to carry your hopes and prayers. The Seven Sacred Laws is a colorful and imaginative animated web series that follows a young boy on an indigenous rite of passage: a quest for vision. During his spiritual journey, he meets seven sacred animals who teach him how we, as humans, should live our lives on Mother Earth Indigenous knowledge is our way of life, deeply rooted in culture.

It is guided by natural laws and Indigenous protocols that differ between Indigenous nations and cultures. It is important that we respect not only knowledge itself, but also the source of that knowledge. One framework of principles that can help us share respectfully is TCAP (Ownership, Control, Access and Possession). It is also important to share Indigenous knowledge in a respectful manner that is attributed to the original guardians and shared only with consent. „It`s a rite of passage that helps you become a man,“ Grandpa replied. Now is the time for you to go to earth, the true teacher of how to survive by learning the order and laws of creation. To help you understand who you are, you need to ask your ancestors your question and use the land and nature to teach you. All you need is tobacco, which you will surround yourself in a circle once you find a place in the countryside, preferably in a sacred place that your ancestors left you. We have a special place called Manitou Api, which means „the place where the Great Spirit sat.“ You will be alone for four days and four nights. They will fast without water and food. This will help you clear your mind and purify your body so that it is ready to receive and live your vision.

„I am Sabe. Some call me Bigfoot or Sasquatch. I bring you the law of honesty. If you want to live a good life, always be honest with yourself and your fellow human beings. To be honest is to speak from the heart. Be honest with who you are and whatever you say, but make sure your words show kindness to all creation. Don`t be wrong or deceive those around you with lies, gossip, or words that might hurt someone. Do not condemn or condemn those around you. It will not change them, lead to anger and will only delay the lessons they need to learn. Be true to yourself and follow the laws we have brought to you.

The Seven Sacred Laws are teachings or values represented by various animals that provide guidance on how we should live our lives practiced by Indigenous nations across North America. A great eagle appears on us to teach the law of love. By Nii Gaani Aki Inini – Leading Earth Man (Dave Courchene)Painting by Henry Guimond, Turtle Lodge. Used with permission. Painting by Henry Guimond, Turtle Lodge. Used with permission. NCC protects golden eagle habitat throughout Alberta, in areas such as Sandstone Ranch in the Milk River Ridge Natural Area, the Frayn Property in the Crowsnest Pass Natural Area, and the Waldron Conservation Project in the Southern Foothills Natural Area. In Manitoba, NCC partnered with the Government of Manitoba to expand Pembina Valley Park and protect Jiggen`s Bluff II, part of the Oak Lake and Plum Lakes Important Bird Area. A large and imposing creature similar to Bigfoot appears and teaches the boy honesty. A little boy was worried about what he saw in the world. He saw how people didn`t care about the land.

Concerned about climate change, wars, violence and hatred, he decided to turn to Grandpa and ask him what he could do to change the world. The wolf said, „You must live the laws we have brought you in the most humble way, and we will always be there to answer your call. Walk gently towards Mother Earth. Treat everyone like your brother and sister with humility and kindness. » Turtle Lodge Full Moon Ceremony Invitation to Turtle Lodge: Wednesday, October 24, 2018 Location at Turtle Lodge in Sagkeeng First Nation in southeastern Manitoba: a place […]. Then the buffalo returned to its place in the circle. The bear carries courage within itself. We seek the strength and courage to confront our greatest enemy ourselves. The bear will give us the understanding to seek solutions through spiritual intervention: hence spiritual healing to face anger, pain and ourselves. Dave Courchene – Nii Gaani Aki Inini (Leading Earth Man) is a respected Anishinabe elder and knowledge keeper who has dedicated his life to creating a healthy environment for present and future generations.

He founded the Turtle Lodge Central House of Knowledge at the Sagkeeng First Nation in Manitoba, Canada, where he hosts international roundtables on supporting ancient Indigenous knowledge, including the Onjisay Aki International Climate Change Summit in 2017, and launched Grandma`s teachings on Growth and Vision Quest Rites of Passage for youth of all cultures.